Favorite color: deep cerulean blue
Heels or flats: heels
Favorite animal: cats-they make the best videos!
Go-to snack: bloody mary (it’s got garnishes…that counts, right?)
Favorite destination: my bed for a nap
Favorite extravagance: a trip to the aveda salon
Favorite movie: the benchwarmers (my new favorite since my son made me watch this almost nightly this summer.)
Sheets: brand new flannels in the midst of a blustery iowa winter.
Favorite accessory: earrings…i’m naked without them
Favorite flower: can’t pick just one (i’m a seasonal greenhouse owner and self-proclaimed plant hoarder.)
Morning or night: morning…as long as we’re talking 9:30 am after 2 cups of coffee
Most inspired by: nature
Favorite season: love the transition into all of them
Favorite city: minoqua, wi
Fabric: linen
Favorite designer: melanie, betsy, and connor, of course!
Favorite dinner: sushi



Favorite Color: Blue
Heels or Flats?: Either, depending on the day
Favorite Animal: The outdoor kind
Go-To Snack: Does Coffee count?
Favorite Destination: OBX, NC
Favorite Extravagance: Good Coffee
Favorite Movie: You’ve got mail
Sheets: Clean ones!
Favorite Accesory: wedding ring
Favorite Flower: peonies, dahlias and anemones
Morning or Night?: Night
Most Inspired By: People + Architecture
Favorite Season: Spring
Favorite City: Williamsburg, VA
Fabric: Give me all the Schumacher!
Favorite Designer: Katie Ridder + Massucco Warner Millar
Favorite Dinner: Anything Al Fresco!