Hiring a designer + Introducing Design In A Day Services!

We are already a couple months into this new year with lots of exciting things happening!  New projects, goals and ideas over here at MBD! Maybe it’s your goal this year to give your home a fresh start but you’re not sure where to start. While the process may seem overwhelming, working with a great designer can and should create a fun and exciting experience! Here’s a few of our ideas to make the most of the experience as well as our best tips about hiring a designer.


Designs: Melanie by Design



Things to know about working with a designer:

  1. Start early! Before you order that rug or start knocking down walls find a designer. Whether you’re starting from scratch with a new build, remodeling a room or redecorating your home a designer will help you create a plan so that ALL the elements in the space work together, your space is cohesive and the finished design is a well thought out a reflection of you and your lifestyle. Having input or a plan early on can save you money in the long run as you’ll avoid purchases that won’t don’t work but can’t be returned or making decisions you regret after the project is completed.
  2. Set a budget. Do your research and be honest AND realistic about money. Look into prices of services in your area to get an idea of what kind of budget you need for your space. Think about contractor fees, installation, materials, design fees etc.  It doesn’t hurt to ask your designer what a reasonable budget for a project should be. You can itemize all the things you think you’ll need and/or want for a space and go from there.  Buy the best you can afford and go for quality over quantity.  A designer needs to know what you’re comfortable spending up front so they know what they’re working with when sourcing and designing for you.
  3. Gather inspiration. Having a good idea of things you like, how you would like a space to feel, colors and styles you love will help you communicate with your designer. Pages from magazines, pinterest, houzz.com are simple ways to collect and share what excites you. If there are certain styles you dislike, be sure to mention that too.
  4. Trust your designer. Be involved, ask questions if you’re unsure of ideas presented to you (they should be able to explain why they chose something or how elements work together). Be honest early on if there’s something you don’t love but keep in mind changing one thing can shift the rest of the design too.. The more changes you make, the more it costs you as a designer has to revise plans, gather quotes, etc and can drag your project out.
  5. Have fun! While there are lots of decisions to make, money to spend and details to consider, it can be exciting to work with a designer who is passionate about what they do and working together can take a less then ideal space and turn it into something you love! Enjoy the process!


Melanie By Design Studio


What to consider when you hire a designer:

  1. Style. Most designers should be able to work with a wide range of styles, but some will specialize in a certain look.  Find their portfolio and browse through it. Even if some of the spaces aren’t your particular “style” the aesthetic or feel will be evident. Is it something that resonates with you? Does it looks professional, thoughtful and cohesive?
  2. Pricing. Ask about design costs to help determine your budget.  Ask what’s included in fees, how will you be billed (a deposit of some sort is standard), Do they offer estimates? Look at design packages offered (full service, hourly, e-design, design in a day etc) to see which would best suit your project. Many designers offer a few different levels of service to best serve your needs, but compare the differences between them to make sure you get the best results for your investment.
  3. Communication: Depending on the size of the project, you’ll likely get to meet with your designer before committing entirely to a project. This is a great chance to be sure you feel like you will get along.  Design is personal and you will be spending time together and communicating a lot during the project so make sure you are comfortable together. Respect and honesty from both the designer and client are a must for good results!


Designs: Melanie by Design


If you are interested in working together, we would love to help you! We’ve just added a new design package to our services that we’re so excited about.  If you’ve never worked with a designer and want to try it out without a large commitment or you have a smaller project and just want some ideas to implement as your budget and schedule allow then Design in a Day is for you!